Tips for choosing hardwood

When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are a few things that are important to consider, right from the start. Nothing is worse than thinking you’ve covered all your flooring bases, only to find out you’ve left off something important. However, working with a professional with years of experience in the field makes the process so much easier. The Floor Store is just the partner you need to find the flooring that is perfect for your own home. We will help you make sure you’ve thought of everything, and might even bring up some things you hadn’t thought about. We invite you to stop by our showroom, located in Largo, FL, to see our full line of materials, as well as finding answers to all your questions. We proudly service the areas of Largo, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, and we’d love to help you as well.

A few hardwood facts

If you’re not already familiar with this fact, you should be aware that you’re not locked into a solid wood floor. You can also choose engineered flooring, which also counts as a hardwood floor, and still have a great many benefits. The difference is that engineered wood doesn’t react to temperature changes, humidity changes, and moisture in the same way that solid wood does. This makes it a great choice for below grade rooms, such as the basement. Solid wood, however, is the most popular type of hardwood flooring. As the name indicates, it is one solid piece all the way through, and comes in varying lengths and thicknesses, depending upon what type of look you’d like. It can only be placed in rooms that are on or above grade, but you can easily switch to engineered flooring to maintain continuity between rooms if necessary.

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More hardwood facts

The species of wood you choose has a lot to do with the way it stands up under traffic. Heavy traffic areas call for a harder, denser wood, such as cherry or oak, while less traffic means you can use softer woods. If you’re looking for a species that is incredibly hard, you might prefer an exotic species, as they are harder than our domestic woods. One of the things that makes hardwood flooring so popular for many home owners, is the fact that it can be refinished several times over its lifespan. When your floors start showing signs of everyday wear and tear, you can choose to have your floors refinished, when other homeowners are thinking about remodeling with a brand new floor covering.